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General Information

VERSA-FORM Insulated Concrete Form system by Construction Assistance & Services, Inc. is a stay in place variable width concrete form used to erect and pour structural concrete walls for buildings. The form consists of two outer layers of high density EPS polystyrene insulation that acts as a form to contain the concrete during construction. The polystyrene insulation comes in variable sizes and configurations, I.E.: Lengths of each form plank is available in 4ft., 5ft.-4in., and 8ft. long. The width of the plank is 12 inches. The thickness is 1-5/8in.The interlocking planks are connected together with the variable width form connectors, which also vary in different widths to form a nominal conventional concrete slab type wall.

 The connectors are available in the following sizes:
VWC 4 = Concrete O.D.-3-1/2" Form O.D. - 7-1/4"
VWC 6 = Concrete O.D.-5-1/2" Form O.D. - 9-1/4"
VWC 8 = Concrete O.D.-7-1/2" Form O.D. - 11-1/4"
VWC 10 = Concrete O.D.-9-1/2" Form O.D. -13-1/4"

Insulated Concrete Form system by Construction Assistance & Services, Inc.
is used to create a monolithic concrete wall system whereby the polystyrene insulation remains in place after the concrete is poured to act as the building wall insulation. The VWC connector is designed to hold the ICF form planks in place during the erection of the form and the placement of the concrete. After concrete placement the VWC is left embedded in the concrete through and through. The flat head surface of the VWC on each side of the ICF wall is the used to mechanically attach interior and exterior wall finishes to complete the building wall system. Insulated Concrete Form system by Construction Assistance & Services, Inc. will accept a variety of wall finishes such as brick veneer, stucco, wood siding, metal siding, vinyl siding, gypsum board and any direct applied finishing material approved to go over EPS polystyrene. All finishes are generally mechanically attached by screw to the flat head surface of the VWC. Adhesive attachment is also acceptable provided the adhesive is approved for EPS insulation. VERSA-FORM Insulated Concrete Form system by Construction Assistance & Services, Inc. is a structurally engineered concrete wall system. A local structural engineer shall design the strength of the concrete and the placement of all reinforcing steel in accordance with standard engineering practices. The form planks may be placed by hand in a stack bond pattern or a running bond staggered pattern. The forms may also be used in a gang form system where by they are prefabed in 4ft x 8ft, or 8ft x 8ft or 8ft x 12ft panels and shipped direct to the jobsite for installation on the foundation. Panel sizes are not limited to the previous sizes and may be varied to accommodate existing job conditions Please consult VERSA-FORM Insulated Concrete Form system by Construction Assistance & Services, Inc. for further technical support.

Benefits of VERSA-FORM Insulated Concrete Forms by CAS, Inc.
Super Insulated Concrete Walls equal to R-40 thermo mass. Reduced Energy Cost as much as 50% -70% better than conventional wood frame homes. Structural Concrete Walls Reduced Insurance Rates (Avg. of 20%-30% savings) Termite Proof (don't eat concrete) Sound Proofing Labor Savings. Takes less manpower to erect than old conventional heavy steel and wood forms. Very user friendly, easy to use for non-skilled workmen. No limits to size or configuration of walls.