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Construction Assistance & Services Inc. was formed in 1985. We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. Dale Pittman is the founder and President of Construction Assistance & Services Inc. Prior to 1985 Mr. Pittman was involved in the Heavy Industrial and Commercial construction work as a Field Engineer and Project Manager for one of the largest construction company��s in the world.

Upon the formation of Construction Assistance & Services Inc. in 1985 until 2001 the firm was always engaged in the Concrete Industry. In the early years we were concrete subcontractors involved in residential, commercial, and industrial projects of all sizes. We also, became heavily involved in Civil Construction work during this time period. As the years progressed Construction Assistance & Services Inc. evolved into being a General Contractor. We performed Concrete Projects for private owners as well as public agencies such as municipalities, state and federal agencies. During the 80��s and 90��s we were well know for our expertise in the waterfront development projects on Padre Island on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It was during these years that Mr. Pittman developed an interest in Concrete Homes. He was always intrigued with the idea of concrete homes for the Gulf Coast of Texas because of the threat of Hurricanes. However, it had always been cost prohibited to build Concrete Homes using old steel and wooden forms. If you could build one you were still faced with the difficulty of finishing the inside and outside of the concrete wall in a cost effective manner.

In early 1990 Mr. Pittman discovered the first generation of ICF forms to hit the US.

However, after spending five years of trying different ICF molded block systems and the problems of logistics associated with getting them to Texas; Mr. Pittman began to explore the possibilities of designing and creating our own ICF system. In 1995 our first prototype ICF fabrication table was built in our own shop. Mr. Pittman��s goal was to create a simple and user friendly ICF form that anybody could use. Relying on his extensive experience in Concrete Wall work Mr. Pittman wanted to create a form that had the fewest amount of pieces to put together and yet would be similar in nature to old concrete form principal of years past. Thus the ICFbyCAS Insulated Concrete Form System was born. One simple panel plank put together with variable width form connectors to allow multiple width concrete walls to be poured. The connectors and polystyrene form stays in place to act as the final insulation and the connector became the attachment device for fastening interior and exterior wall claddings. This form system was originally designed for in house use only. However as we began to construct beautiful waterfront homes on Padre Island at an affordable cost many builders and individuals became interested and wanted to buy it.

 In 1998 Construction Assistance & Services Inc. released the ICFbyCAS Insulated Concrete form system for public sale. Since that time we have not changed any aspects of the original design. The ICFbyCAS brand was re-named VERSA-FORM in 2007 with the release of additional icf forms. VERSA-FORM it has evolved into a full scale manufacturing process and we now sell the system nation wide and are beginning to experience request for it abroad.

Mr. Pittman has always prided himself on the fact that our VERSA-FORM icf system was designed by a Concrete Contractor for Concrete Contractors as well as the do it yourselfer.

In the year 2000 Construction Assistance & Services Inc. began to fully focus on the manufacturing and the on site technical support of our customers and dealers. While we are no longer a large scale Concrete Contractor we still support and consult on many concrete projects for many of our old architectural and engineering firms.


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